My Journey to Ultra

I should've started this earlier but since it's only been a month since I started this journey, I guess I'm not too late for a blog post on why I'm actually doing this.

2018 got me stuck in a rut and I felt like my life wasn't moving forward. I work as a full-time photographer and what once was my passion turned into a burden in recent months. I tried to get out of this rut in a few ways, but deep down I knew that the flame that once was photography had burnt out. I wonder if this is the predestined road for people who turn their hobbies into their job.

Around the end of 2018, I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and he had former Navy SEAL David Goggins as a guest. David is probably the badest motherfucker walking on planet earth right now and one thing that was made crystal clear to me was that I'd never faced true physical pain. Or to put it more simply: I'd never pushed my limits and didn't know what I was physically/mentally capable of.

Fascinated by David, I read more about his life and on competitive ultrarunning. "I can do this!" I thought to myself and without much thought, I ran a little over a half-marathon distance on a Saturday morning - no training at all. I was in a shit load of pain after the first 5k, but what was I expecting? My kneecaps and feet were on fire, my legs moving forward by sheer willpower, but this was what I had signed up for - to not let my weaker self win this battle, push through the pain, and emerge as a stronger person. I know this wasn't some crazy 100k ultra distance run that I'd done, and it's not comparable to David's story at all, but it showed me that my body and mind are capable of doing more than I'd thought was possible.

That sealed the deal: I was going to run an ultra marathon in 2019.